One Thing; Rev. Dee Ledger, March 24, 2019

Martha and Mary.  They would seem to be opposites.  In some ways, they are presented as such.  Martha is the one stirring the pots, setting the table, answering the door, and attending to the needs of the moment.  Can’t you see her wiping her hands on her apron as she rushes to open the door? … [Read More]

Table-time; Rev. Dee Ledger, March 17, 2019

Meal time.  Does that arouse any particular feelings for you?  Aside from the hunger that we try to satisfy, for some of us, mealtime can be the loneliest time of the day.  We may turn on the radio, the t.v., our phones or our computers, just to keep us company or to fill the silence. … [Read More]

Tempo; Rev. Dee Ledger, March 10, 2019

Truly living life deeply can be an art form, and our choices can often affect the pace and depth at which we live our lives. In the immensely popular song “Shallow” sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, we hear: “Tell me somethin’, girl Are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need… [Read More]

Dross; Rev. Dee Ledger, March 3, 2019

Do you remember the many changes and transformations that led to who you are and how you are now at this point in your life?  “All things change,” or so we say, and that includes our own personalities, dreams, livelihoods, and even our souls.  When I consider my own multiple transformations over time, it was… [Read More]

Measure; Rev. Dee Ledger, February 24, 2018

Ronald Allen, Professor at Christian Theological Seminary in Indiana, writes that in the Hellenistic culture of Jesus’ time, people viewed relationships as reciprocal.  We understand reciprocity.  We hope for it.  How many friendships, in our lives, have fallen by the wayside because one or the other of the friends didn’t reciprocate something—whether time, flexibility, showing… [Read More]

Thy Kingdom Come; Rev. Dee Ledger, February 17, 2019

It was an anxious time.  I was in high school and we had just had tryouts for the school musical, Grease.  I was hoping for a part, but not just any part—I had spent countless hours fantasizing that I would be cast as one of the main characters, Sandy—the part that the actress, Olivia Newton… [Read More]

Epitaph; Rev. Dee Ledger, February 3, 2019

When I was a high school English teacher and teaching Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology, one of the lesson plans I did was to have the youth design their own epitaph. It may seem, at first, like a morbid assignment, but the youth were quick to find ways to describe what they enjoyed most… [Read More]

Stand…A Message for Annual Meeting Sunday; Rev. Dee Ledger, January 27, 2019

When Jesus comes to his hometown to stand, read, and interpret scripture, his actual standing up to read isn’t the problem.  These scriptures from Isaiah had been heard before, handed down generation after generation, heard, discussed and interpreted way before Jesus comes along.  Jesus asks for the ancient scroll.  He moves his finger along the… [Read More]

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