Overcoming Babel: A Sermon for Pentecost; Rev. Dee Ledger; May 23, 2021

As a child, I remember the discussion in our community regarding the importance of speaking English as the primary and supposedly necessary language of unity in this country. Those who rejected dual or multi-language signage or directions argued that if we spoke or provided more than one language in schools, hospitals, or retail stores in… [Read More]

Image, Rev. Dee Ledger; May 9, 2021

The Christian Reformed Church (CRC) includes just over one thousand congregations across the United States and Canada. About 75 percent of the churches are in the United States; 25 percent are in Canada.[1]  The Christian Reformed Church has established the following as it’s governing policy regarding the use of feminine language for God: “The endorsement… [Read More]

What is to Prevent You?; On the Occasion of the Baptism of Arthur Simo Carrasco Janhunen and Our First Sunday Hybrid Service; Rev Dee Ledger; May 2, 2021

You’ve heard it said that the devil is in the details.  We usually hear this expression when something small is overlooked but leads to a much bigger problem.  Yet did you know that this phrase derives from an earlier phrase that meant, “God is in the details”? Here’s the thing about scripture: details that seem… [Read More]

Of Shepherds, Sheep, and Choice; Rev. Dee Ledger, April 25, 2021

Have you ever witnessed something that you wished you could unsee?  In your personal life, have you ever had an encounter or a conversation or just observed something that you wish you had not?  Often when that happens, our minds spin, depending on the relationships involved and what we have personally observed.  There is a… [Read More]

Little Easter; Rev. Dee Ledger, April 4, 2021

The great Christian proclamation of Easter is that Resurrection happens. Even today, two thousand and eighteen years after Jesus’ death, it is a lot to take in… Jesus rising from a tomb back then and his ability to rise even now. So, it is not so very odd if, on a personal level, you wrestle… [Read More]

Beyond Preservation; Rev. Dee Ledger, March 21, 2021

For those of us residing in the northern hemisphere, spring is finally and officially here. Each spring, I usually get the urge to do some spring cleaning—clearing house, so to speak.  You know the deal:  suddenly, you want to hose down the windows, pull out all dead growth around the outside of your home, organize… [Read More]