About the Church

shutterstock_286031495Bethesda United Church of Christ has packed a lot of history into half a century. As a church, we challenge ourselves and our leaders to be and to do more. We are a church that has left and continues to leave a tangible mark on the surrounding community.

When we built our sanctuary, we decided to install clear windows rather than stained glass. This makes sure that we can see the world around us, and that the world can see us as well. We are proud of our history on the forefront of progressive change. We have marched on the Mall with Martin Luther King, Jr., made a commitment to reduce homelessness and hunger around us, and have chosen to become an Open and Affirming church.

Along the way, called pastors of great strength and wisdom have blessed us. They have been leaders who knew when to push us, when to pull us, and when to step out of the way. God has sent us the shepherds we needed, even if we didn’t know it at the time.

We are a diverse and eclectic group of people at various places on our spiritual journey. We come from a wide range of countries, experiences, family structure, orientations, and background.  Some of us are young and just starting out on our own.  Some of us are immersed in family life and the juggling that parenting requires.  Some of us are exploring retirement and new horizons. Some of us are older and dealing with losses, suffered or anticipated. We are adjusting to the changes that time thrusts upon us. We come from across several counties of Maryland, making us commuters in our church lives as well as our work lives. We come together because we have found a community of support and strength, welcome and love.

As members and friends of BUCC, our church and its mission focus are fundamental to who we are. We seek to put our faith into action. We examine issues facing our world, debate them openly, and take them seriously. We are always ready to welcome new voices in our midst as God calls us to a ministry of hospitality, love, and service to others. It is our love for Christ, for each other, and for the world around us that sends us with hope into our unfolding future. We welcome you!

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