Opportunities in the Church

Thwebsite-4e regular season of activities runs from September through May. Though we hold services year-round, the summer months can be a time for travel, visiting friends and family, or taking a Sabbath.

As a congregational church, we are all part of the effort to make BUCC a success. If you are looking to give back to the church, consider some of the volunteer opportunities below. If you are interested in helping out, feel free to speak with anyone.


Our worship service begins at 10:30 a.m.  Beginning at 10:15 a.m., we observe quiet in the sanctuary so that our visitors can pray, sit in silence, or meditate.  We often have soft music playing.  Worship services at Bethesda UCC are creative and participatory.  Prayers are spoken by both the congregation and pastor.  At each service, one or two members of the congregation will read the lectionary for that week. Others will usher, sing, light the candles, give a children’s message, or receive the offering.


The choir is an integral part of worship and welcomes all regardless of singing ability. The choir rehearses before worship on Sunday mornings at 9:15.

Christian Education

Sunday School

Sunday School

Regardless of where you are in life’s journey, there is a place for you. You can find classes for pre-K and elementary school. Adult-supervised nursery is also available. We are always looking for volunteers to help guide our youth.

Welcome Team

We welcome all without exception! We are happy to see new faces on Sunday, and our Shepherds at the door strive to make every guest feel at home. Once a new member joins BUCC, we pair them with a Mentor at the church who can guide them so they can become more involved and learn how the church can minister to their spiritual goals.


Time is not the only way you can help the church. A monetary gift can aid our mission. Besides your pledge to the general budget, you might consider giving to the special collections through the year.

Christmas Fund

Provides financial aid to retired and active ministers and their surviving spouses and children who face overwhelming financial demands. Received on the fourth Sunday of Advent.

Neighbors in Need

Supports ministries of justice and compassion throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Received on the first Sunday of October.

One Great Hour of Sharing

Supports partners in more than 70 countries with ministries that fund development projects, feed the victims of famine, provide services for displaced people, and respond to natural disasters. Received on the fourth Sunday in Lent.

Strengthening the Church

Supports church growth and leadership development. Received annually on Pentecost Sunday.