Nourish: May 7th, 2017

On first glance, the gathering seems rather idyllic.  At the time of the writing of Acts, the community of disciples held all things in common; they distributed proceeds from the sale of their possessions and goods to all who had need; they spent a great deal of time together in the temple; they broke bread… [Read More]

And Their Eyes were Opened…A Sermon for Bright Sunday: April 30, 2017

Can you think of a Disney film in your life that made a great emotional impression on you, either positive or negative?  For me, it was Lilo and Stitch.  The storyline explored family and belonging thru the concept of “Ohana,” illustrating how compassion and the longing to belong filled both the heart of the little… [Read More]

Known by Our Wounds: April 23, 2017

My son has a boo-boo on his finger.  It is fairly small as boo-boos go…just a fairly minor scrape across his knuckles and is already nearly healed.  About six months ago, my other son wasn’t so lucky—he somehow scraped his face and wore that scar over Halloween, making him look as if the cut were… [Read More]

Resurrection Courage: Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017

Jean Vandergrift tells this story: A brand-new pastor began at his first congregation. Within that first week, two members died. In the next week, there were two more! In his first month, he had presided over eight memorial services. Consequently, his time had been greatly limited and his sermon preparation took the toll. So he… [Read More]

Compelled to Carry: April 9, 2017 Palm Sunday

We don’t know much about Simon the Cyrene.  He is the one that was compelled by the Roman guard to carry Jesus’ cross.  Perhaps he wasn’t even watching the proceedings that day, but trying to get from one point to another and was accosted as he made his way to secure lodging or procure food… [Read More]

Can These Bones Live? April 2, 2017

One of the strangest jobs that I have ever had was spending a week or so dusting and re-stacking boxes of human skeletons for a small archeological museum across from my dorm at Harvard Divinity School.  It made quite an impression on me, being in a stuffy storage room with stacks and stacks of remains… [Read More]

Mudpack: March 26, 2017

Yusuke Asai is an unusual painter.  The internationally renowned Japanese painter uses dirt as a medium for his highly detailed murals, with beautifully vivid and dreamlike content.[1]  That’s right, Yusuke Asai paints with mud.  He chooses dirt as his medium because, he says, “I can find dirt anywhere in the world and do not need… [Read More]

Bucket: March 19, 2017

Where are you traveling, beloved sisters and brothers?  Do you have resources to meet your need of God and each other? He was traveler in those parts, traveling thru one village to get to another, though culture and common wisdom would have dictated that he completely circumvent the village of despised Samaritans, rather than passing… [Read More]

We Shall Not Be Moved: March 12, 2017

  In August of 1982, just after he turned 21 years old, Todd Weems was murdered.  His mother, Ann Weems poured out her grief in the following years—giving voice to the bitter and difficult cauldron of emotions that filled her. She wrote: O God, find me! I am lost In the valley of grief, and… [Read More]

God’s Promises and Our Temptation: March 5, 2017

   Today is the first Sunday in Lent and we’ve just entered the wilderness with Jesus. Now some of you might be sitting there saying to yourselves that you feel like you’ve been in the wilderness all year—Lent or no Lent. Maybe you have been caring for an elderly parent, maybe you have been struggling… [Read More]