Choosing What Matters; Rev. Dee Ledger, March 18, 2018

Have you ever had a bitter argument over something relatively trivial? Have you ever stood in the middle of Home Depot with your spouse arguing about the kind of tile you’ll purchase for the bathroom, or gotten huffy when your partner says that you’ll be spending the holidays with your in-laws?  Have you ever become… [Read More]

One Thing Needed; Rev. Dee Ledger, March 11, 2018

Can’t you just picture it?  There is Martha slaving away in the kitchen, the hair on her arms probably singed from the hot cooking fire, and then racing out to the local merchant at the last minute to get some more olive oil, or whatever.  Can’t you see her breathless and scattered, trying to spin… [Read More]

From Destructive to Constructive; Rev. Dee Ledger, March 4, 2018

   Anger. Being mad. Being sharp with others. Annoyed. Chronically displeased. Fuming. Exasperated. Furious. We know these emotions.  We know how heat can build in our relationships with others until one day, the pot goes from a slow simmer to a roiling boil like when we forget and leave a pot to explode rice or… [Read More]

The Problem of Suffering, Rev. Dee Ledger, February 25, 2018

Bart Ehrman, a New Testament scholar, became an agnostic.  His spiritual journey, as with many of us, is rather complicated, yet thoughtfully undertaken.  He eventually became an agnostic (one who doesn’t affirm or disbelieve the existence of God) because of the problem of suffering.  He did not feel that he could satisfactorily reconcile what he… [Read More]

In Our Wilderness; Rev. Dee Ledger, February 18, 2018

While I was growing up, a small woods stretched from our backyard to the parking lot of the clothing factory which jutted against the railroad tracks.  The woods existed for several years until one day, when contractors demolished it to make way for a new housing development.  In the days of the woods, there was… [Read More]

The Unanticipated Threshold, Rev. Dee Ledger, February 11, 2018

It started out as a hike, six days after Jesus has told his disciples that the Son of Man will suffer greatly, be rejected, and killed.  When Peter says “no, no, this won’t happen to you,” Jesus rebukes him.   Six days later, Jesus takes Peter, James, and John up the mountain, and not just any… [Read More]

What Possesses You? Rev. Dee Ledger, February 4, 2018

Eleanor Oliphant is a thirty year old woman possessed with a demon.  Oh, we would not likely call it that in a 21st century manner of speaking, but she is definitely possessed in the way of 1st century religious terms.  She is possessed by her traumatic past and possessed by a horror that she could… [Read More]

Bringing Out the God-Colors, Rev. Dee Ledger, January 28, 2018

You may remember the poet, John Milton, vaguely from your past schooldays:  one of the greatest English poets, second only, some say, to Shakespeare.  Milton wrote Paradise Lost, among other things.  He was a defender of Oliver Cromwell who challenged and defeated the monarchy during the reign of Charles I.  Milton was critical of bishops. … [Read More]

Take Heed, Rev. Dee Ledger, January 21, 2018

Reader’s Digest recently published a list of warning labels that may seem more than a little obvious at first glance.  On a carpenter’s drill, there was the warning, “This product not intended to be used as a dental drill.”  For an iron-on shirt pattern, “Do not iron while wearing shirt.”  On a razor scooter, there… [Read More]

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